Elkridge Real Estate Information

The town of Elkridge is a census designated place that can be found in Howard County in the state of Maryland. The community covers a total area of 7.9 square miles of land and is home to a population of over 22,000 residents. Elkridge was founded in the early 18th century. It is located at the meeting point of three different counties, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore County. Catonsville borders Elkridge on the north side, Linthicum is on the east as well as the Baltimore-Washington Airport, Dorsey is on the south, and Ellicott City is on the west side. Elkridge gets its name from the geographic ridge line that lies underneath it, which happens to extend all the way from Oakland Mills in the south to Doughoregan Manor in the west.

Elkridge is the oldest establishment in Howard County, since it was around before Howard ever split off of the county of Anne Arundel. The town’s growth is largely due to its location next to the Patapsco River. Elkridge was an established settlement long before the addition of Jansen Town to the area. This 30 acre town was an invention of the Maryland General Assembly and was called to be built on Elkridge Landing. Originally, Elkridge served as a port town for planters to bring their tobacco. Many of the farmers owned property along the river, and would then bring their tobacco crops to Elkridge in order to be put on English trade ships. Elkridge Landing was later built to serve as the community’s seaport dock. In the year 1825, Jansen Town burned down in flames. The community’s oldest buildings were all destroyed along with all but one house in the village.

Elkridge is the site of many historic churches that can still be found there today.
The first Methodist church was built in Elkridge in 1772. Today, Melville Church can be found on Furnace Avenue although the original building no longer remains. This church was once frequently visited by Francis Asbury on his circuit rides of the region. Another historic church, Saint Augustine Church, was built in 1845 and can be found on Old Washington Boulevard.

Elkridge has a very long and successful history of industry. The town has been involved in pig iron forging, paper production, basket weaving, cotton growing, and grist milling. Elkridge also employed many people on the B & O Railroad. One can also find the oldest, curved, stone bridge, the Thomas Viaduct. This ancient bridge was built in 1833 and can be found on Levering Avenue. Benjamin Latrobe Jr. was the architect who designed the bridge.