Clarksville Real Estate Information

Clarksville is the name of District 5, an unincorporated community in Howard County in the state of Maryland. This town is named after William Clark, a farmer and owner of a majority of the real estate that Clarksville now sits on. The town of Clarksville is home to a population of just over 16,500 people, and the entire population of District 5 reaches over 56,000 people. Also, in the community of Clarksville is the newest village to the nearby planned community of Columbia, River Hill.

One significant aspect to the town of Clarksville is the superior public schooling system. As a part of the Howard County Public School System, Clarksville’s public schools are highly ranked across the nation. These schools often tend to receive a much larger amount of funding than their competing private schools in Clarksville. River Hill High School is possibly the most successful and well known of these public schools in Clarksville. River Hill was ranked as number 397 in Newsweek’s list of the top 1,200 High Schools in the United States. The school originally only served as a magnet school that specialized in mathematics and electronics, but as of 2002, the school now serves as a regular public school. River Hill has a student population of 1,652 children and is currently ranked as one of the very top schools in the whole state of Maryland. The graduation rate in 2005 reached a high of 7.55 percent of the class graduating. This is the highest graduation rate reported for the state of Maryland, and the test scores are not far behind with 86.3 percent of the river Hill students passing the High School Assessment Test. River Hill High School has also been extremely successful in the realm of high school athletics. The boys soccer team has won three out of the four 3A state championships over the past years. The school has also been able to capture state titles in the sports of basketball and football as well.

The quality of local education as well as many other factors causes Clarksville to be home to some of the most highly desired and also expensive on the east coast. Clarksville has some of the highest property values in the entire country. The community of Clarksville is also highly sought after due to its proximity to both Baltimore City and the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Clarksville is to the southwest of Baltimore and to the north of Washington DC, and many local residents commute to one or the other of these important cities.