Sykesville Real Estate Information

Sykesville is a town that can be found in Carroll County in the state of Maryland. Sykesville originated as part of a 3000 acre real estate owned by William Patterson. Patterson was a wealthy shipbuilder from Baltimore City whose daughter, Elizabeth, married Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Jerome, in 1803. When William Patterson died later in 1824, his son, George Patterson, inherited all his father’s property. Then, in 1825 George Patterson sold 1000 acres of his family’s land to his business associate and friend, James Sykes. In 1830 Sykes constructed a new saw and gristmill to replace an older one that lay on the land. Next to it he also built a 5 story hotel to house tourists and railroad workers as well. At first the town was referred to as Horse Train Stop, but soon several businesses such as two general stores, various new mills, some churches, and a post office all moved onto the land as well. The town of Sykesville was incorporated into Carroll County in the year 1904.

Some points of interest in Sykesville include the Springfield Hospital Center, which can be found on the east side of the town. One can also find the Baldwin’s Station & Pub in Sykesville. This restaurant used to be a train station designed by Francis Baldwin and the second stop on the original Baltimore- Ohio Railroad. Also in the town of Sykesville, one can find the Historic Colored Schoolhouse Museum. This building used to serve as a school for African American children between 1904 and 1938. It has since been converted into a museum and can be found at 518 Schoolhouse Road. Another museum that is found in the town of Sykesville is the Gate House Museum. This building was designed as a residence dwelling for employees of the nearby hospital for the insane. This hospital was the second in the state of Maryland when it opened in 1896. The gatehouse was later opened in 1904.

The town of Sykesville is home to approximately 5,000 residents. Some notable people to come from Sykesville include Maryland’s 42nd governor, Frank Brown, born in 1846. Also, Andy Stickel, bass player for the rock band 7 Blue Skies, was born and raised in Sykesville. Famous children’s book author, Nan Agle, lived in Sykesville all the way until her death at the age of 100. Furthermore, Sykesville may also be recognized as being the filming site for several scenes in the 2003 movie, Head of State, featuring Chris Rock.