Hampstead Real Estate Information

The town of Hampstead can be found in the state of Maryland and is contained within both Baltimore and Carroll Counties. Hampstead is the only community in Baltimore County that maintains a local government. However, the portion of Hampstead that actually lies in Baltimore County does not have any residents or significant improvements. The town of Hampstead covers a total area of 2.7 square miles and has a population of just over 6,000 residents.

Hampstead is a small town that is very family oriented. The community features good schools, churches, and various youth recreational sports. A majority of the residents commute to work in the city of Baltimore every day. Construction has already begun on the addition of the Hampstead Bypass. This road will be a high-speed highway with limited access. It is designed to relieve some of the traffic congestion and to improve the ease of travel in and out of Hampstead. Some attractions to the town include the busy Main Street, where one can find many businesses and neighborhoods as well as restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Hampstead also features many small parks around the town, and construction is underway to create a new 16 acre park complete with baseball fields. The complex is being built near North Carroll Street. Visitors frequent the town of Hampstead for such events as Hampstead Day and the holiday lighting ceremony held every year.

Around the 1730’s a man named Robert Owings was put to the task of developing a new road from modern day Hanover, Pennsylvania to Baltimore County. A village by the name of Spring Garden was created as a stop on this new road. Later, Spring Garden changed its name to become what is now known today as Hampstead. The first people to settle on the small property were English immigrants. They mostly came from the port cities of Pennsylvania, and they were later followed by many Germans and Scots. Although the town was once a slow paced, farming community, now it is a busy community with over 6,000 inhabitants. The community is dedicated to maintaining its small town feel, and is currently in the process of renovating the Main Street. Hampstead’s Main Street Revitalization Plan calls for such improvements as construction of a new police station in an old bank building. The town will also be attempting to restore an old 1912 train stop. The Hampstead Bypass is intended to reduce the traffic through the downtown area.