Eldersburg Real Estate Information

Eldersburg is located in Carroll County in the state of Maryland. This town is a census designated place to Carroll County, and it is home to a population reaching nearly 30,000 residents. The town was named after John Elder, who founded the town before 1800 on a portion of his own property. Overall, Eldersburg covers a total area of 42 square miles, 40 of which are land and 2 of which are water. In the year 2007, Money Magazine ranked Eldersburg as number 56 in its list of the “Top 100 Places to Live.”

To get to Eldersburg, one needs only to get on Md. 26 headed towards Boston. Eldersburg is right off to the side of this route dotted with restaurants and buildings. The community features many malls, cafes, and big box stores. Although the pace of life has become significantly quicker, Eldersburg was at one time a very quiet community. A stagecoach line once ran on what is now Liberty Road, and ancient Native American artifacts have been discovered all along Hodges Road. Nowadays, the residents of Eldersburg are caught in the busy cycle of work, sport events for the kids, and meetings for social organizations.

Churches are a very vital part of Eldersburg’s long history. The Protestant Episcopal Church was built on March 8, 1771 when John Elder sold two acres of his real estate in order to build a “Chappell of Ease.” This church was intended to serve the local community and became a part of St. Thomas’ Parish in the county of Baltimore. Over the years however, the church members began to dwindle, and eventually the church was only maintained by Baptists. However, eventually the Baptist congregants stopped attending the church as well. In modern times the church is now only used to hold cattle and horses.

Of the 30,000 residents who call Eldersburg home, there are approximately 9,000 households and 7,500 families. This means an average of about 700 people per square mile of the town. The community of Eldersburg is very predominately white, with only 3 percent African American, .2 percent Native American, 1 percent Asian, .01 percent Pacific Islander, and 1 percent Hispanic or Latino. Of the 9,000 some houses in Eldersburg, about 44 percent have children under the age of 18 years. Also, there were about 72 percent of the houses containing married couples, 18 percent with non-families, 15 percent with individuals, and 7 percent with an individual over the age of 65 years. The average family size in Eldersburg is 3.25 people, and the average household size is just under 3 people.