Carroll County Real Estate Information

Carroll County can be found in the state of Maryland, although there are a total of 12 other Carroll Counties in the United States. The county was named after Charles Carroll, one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. The county seat of Carroll County is Westminster, and the county population is over 150,000 people. Carroll County is considered to be another part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Although Carroll County remains a predominately rural region of Maryland, it has recently become more and more suburban.

Carroll County was established in the year 1837. It was made of property from the nearby counties of Baltimore and Frederick. During the Civil War the inhabitants of Carroll County were split between support for the Confederacy and support for the Union. The county saw lots of Civil War Action, especially in 1863 when troops were moving towards Gettysburg through Carroll County. Fighting also occurred in Carroll County in 1863 during the battle of Corbit’s Charge, when two Delaware companies took on a significantly larger Confederate attack force. One important person to come from Carroll County was the composer of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key. He was born on his family’s real estate in modern day northwestern Carroll County.

Carroll County consists of a total area of 449 square miles of land and 3 square miles of water. The county’s northern border is formed by the Mason-Dixon line, the unofficial division between the North and South of the US. The southern border of Carroll County is formed by the Patapsco River and the Liberty Reservoir forms the eastern side. On the western side, Carroll County is bordered by the Monocacy River and Sam’s Creek. Carroll County is surrounded by Adams County, Pennsylvania in the northwest, York County, Pennsylvania in the northeast, Frederick County in the west, Howard County in the south, and Baltimore County in the east.

Carroll County is composed of many different cities, towns, and communities. The cities in Carroll County include: Westminster, 1818; Taneytown, 1836; and Sykesville, 1904. Towns incorporated into Carroll County include Manchester, 1833; New Windsor, 1843; Union Bridge, 1872; Hampstead, 1888; and Mount Airy, 1894. There also many other communities which have not yet been incorporated into Carroll County, but which are still considered towns by many people. Thee communities include: Alesia, Carrollton, Carrolltowne, Detour, Eldersburg, Finksburg, Frizzelburg, Gamber, Gaither, Greenmount, Harney, Henryton, Jasontown, Keymar, Lineboro, Linwood, Louisville, Marriottsville, Middleburg, Millers, Patapsco, Silver Run, Union Mills, Uniontown, Woodbine, and Woodstock.