Reisterstown Real Estate Information

Reisterstown is currently a suburb of Baltimore city and an unincorporated community in the county of Baltimore in Maryland. Reisterstown is much older than its surrounding communities, and it was originally founded by a German immigrant named John Reister. The center of town is known as the Reisterstown Historic District, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places back in 1979.

In the year 1746, the local Lutheran community built and funded a church. The church was constructed nearby to Reister’s property on a spot cleverly known as Church Hill. The church was open to all other denominations and served as the local schoolhouse, as did many other churches at the time. Eventually the town’s population began to grow and the church could no longer accommodate all the children. To fix this problem, John Reister decided to build another school on his own property.

Following Reister’s death, Reisterstown raised the necessary funds to build a new school in his honor. The school was finished in 1824 and named the Franklin Academy, after founding father, Benjamin Franklin. The community then went on to construct the Franklin Bell in 1826, which currently can be seen in front of the modern day Franklin High School. Franklin Academy eventually became one of the first schools to join the Baltimore County School System later in the 1870’s, and in 1874 it became the first ever public high school in the entire county. In the early 1900’s Franklin Academy was reconverted into a public library where it remains today. It can now be found directly across the street from the Franklin Middle School and right next to the Lutheran cemetery.

Reisterstown is composed of approximately 22,000 people in over 8,500 houses. Within this population, there are about 6,000 families, creating an average of 4,500 people per square mile in each of Reisterstown’s 5 square miles. The town is composed primarily of white residents with 12 percent African Americans, 4 percent Asian, and 4 percent Hispanic and Latino. Of the 8,500 houses in Reisterstown, 36 percent are home to children under the age of 18 years. 50 percent of the properties are owned by married couples, 30 percent are non-families, 25 percent are owned by individuals, and only about 5 percent are owned by an individual over the age of 65. The average family size in Reisterstown is just over 3 people, and just less than 6 percent of the population is considered to be below the poverty line.