Parkville Real Estate Information

The community of Parkville is another part of Baltimore County in the state of Maryland. During the census taken in 2000, Parkville was estimated to have a population of just over 30,000 residents. The entire town is only 4.2 square miles. The northern border of Parkville extends from Loch Raven Boulevard on the I-695 to Putty Hill Avenue. The Southern border separates Parkville from Baltimore City between Loch Raven Boulevard and Glen Road. The east side is drawn by way of I-695, Putty Hill Ave., Fowler Ave., Hiss Ave, and all the way to Glen Road. Lastly, the western border of Parkville goes straight form the city line to I-695.

Of the 30,000 some people whom own property and reside in Parkville, there are about 13,000 homes and a little over 8,000 families. This means that there are nearly 7,000 people in each square mile of Parkville. A majority of the town is composed of white residents, but there are also 22 percent African American residents, 2 percent Asian, and 2 percent Latino. Approximately thirty percent of the houses in Parkville are homes to children under the age 18. Furthermore, about 42 percent of the homes and real estate in Parkville are owned by married couples, 37 percent by non-families, 30 percent by individuals, and 11 percent by a single person over the age of 65. The average family size in Parkville is about 3 people.

The ages of residents in Parkville is very evenly spread out for all age groups. The population is made up of 23 percent under age 18, 9 percent between 18 and 24, 30 percent between 25 and 44 years, 20 percent between ages 45 and 64, and 17 percent above the age of 65 years old. The average income level for a household in Parkville is about $41,000, and the average income for a family is just above $50,000. Nevertheless, about 6.5 percent of these families fall below the poverty line. In total, about 7.5 percent of the Parkville population falls below the poverty line.

One well worthwhile site to see in Parkville is Old Harford Road. This road was one of the first ever roads to be built in central Maryland and it cuts right through Parkville form the southwest to the northeast. This old roadway extends north out of the city of Baltimore and continues up to near Big Gunpowder Falls. This road most likely originates from the old Indian trails that ran through the Maryland region. After being used by early settlers to move farm products in and out of Baltimore City, Old Harford Road eventually came to be the road it is today. Another road of interest in the town of Parkville is known as Putty Hill Avenue. This road begins one block before Goucher Boulevard and continues all the way until Walther Boulevard. By turning onto Walther Boulevard and then quickly turning right, one can find a slightly older section of Putty Hill Ave. It is believed that the road originally got its name from the sight and feel of its surface during rainstorms.