Dundalk Real Estate Information

Dundalk is located in the state of Maryland and is designated as an unincorporated community in the county of Baltimore. The population is over 60,000 according to the census taken in 2000, and throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, Dundalk was considered to be the largest unincorporated community in the entire state of Maryland. Dundalk gets its name from an old town in Ireland, also known as Dundalk.

The region, now referred to as Dundalk, was first discovered and explored by John Smith back in the early 1600’s. He found it on an expedition up the Chesapeake Bay, but the original property dwellers had been the Susquehanna Indians. In the year 1856, an immigrant named Henry McShane from Ireland created the McShane Bell Foundry on the land, and began producing bronze bells, furnace parts, and cast iron pipes. Eventually, the local rail companies asked McShane for the name of his little plot of properties. He responded with the name of his birth town, Dundalk. Later, housing was organized and built for the factory and shipyard workers, so Dundalk came to be a town.

Dundalk is in a flat region of Maryland, with a few hills on the west side, by Baltimore City. Most of Dundalk is at sea level as it lies on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay causes Dundalk to have slightly warmer temperatures year round than other more inland areas of Maryland. Dundalk falls in the humid subtropical climate zone, which causes very humid and hot summers along with mild, rainy winters. Being by the Bay also causes Dundalk to receive a large amount of rainfall throughout the entire year.

Today, transportation is offered through the Maryland Transit Administration and their rail lines, which run in and out of Dundalk to Baltimore City and other areas. However, until the 1950’s, public transportation used to be offered by the United Railways and Electric Company. This streetcar line ran from Sparrows Point in Dundalk to Baltimore City and it featured the famous Red Rocket wooden trolleys.

Attractions to Dundalk include the Dundalk Shopping Center, which features a variety of shopping as well as restaurants. Dundalk also has many restaurants to be found on the coastal areas of the town next to the Chesapeake Bay. The local oysters are a must have while eating out in Dundalk. Visit the shipyard or go into Baltimore city for the weekend. Dundalk is a beautiful east coast town with a lot of history.