Glen Burnie Real Estate Information

Glen Burnie is a town in the county of Anne Arundel, in Maryland. Glen Burnie is considered to be a suburb of Baltimore City and it has a population of about 40,000 residents. Groundwork for the town was first set down in 1812, after district attorney, Elias Glenn decided to establish the county seat near modern day Brooklyn Park in the city of Baltimore. At the time, he called the real estate Glennsburne, but eventually it became known as Glennsbourne Farm, and then finally Glenburnie. The entire town is a total of 12.9 square miles, and it lies at an average elevation of about 50 feet above sea level.

Later in 1854, Elias Glenn’s grandson, William Glenn, decided to expand his family’s property by development of the Curtis Creek Mining, Furnace and Manufacturing Company. As the company continued expanding during much of the nineteenth century, more land came with it, including large portions of northern Anne Arundel County in modern times. After William’s death, the family business was maintained by his brother, son, and nephew. Eventually the town was expanded to accommodate the growing company, and in 1888 the town became an official subdivision of Maryland. It was not until 1930 that the town received its final name change, when the local postmaster decided to make the name two words rather than one, and Glen Burnie came to be.

One of the first schools in the town of Glen Burnie was the First Avenue Elementary School, which was built in the year 1899. The oldest church found in Glen Burnie is Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church, built n 1904. One of the main highways that services Glen Burnie is the Crain Highway, opened in 1927. Another main highway was opened later in 1939, the Ritchie Highway. This highway is known to host traffic headed to and from Annapolis or the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The northern regions of Glen Burnie are mainly served by the Maryland Transit Administration’s light rail system.

In addition to various other schools and churches, Glen Burnie also features several shopping malls. Harundale Mall, constructed in 1958, was the first enclosed shopping mall on the east side of the Mississippi. This mall was designed by James W. Rouse, who is also known for developing the nearby city of Columbia, Maryland. Other malls in Glen Burnie include the Glen Burnie Mall, built in 1962, and the Marley Station Mall, which opened in 1987.