Crofton Real Estate Information

Crofton is an unincorporated community in Anne Arundel County in the state of Maryland. Crofton was established in the year 1964, and was recently ranked in Money magazine’s list of “100 Best Place to Live.” The town ranked number 72 due to its quality schools, desirable location, and most importantly its anonymity from a majority of people. Originally, Crofton was a gated community, exclusive to only a few residents. In modern days, the gates still exist but only as symbols of the community. The current population is estimated to be around 30,000 residents.

Crofton was originally the property of the Crawford Corporation. They owned about 1,600 acres of land in 1963 so they decided to build a new town. The community was anchored by a golf course, which later developed into the Crofton Country Club. Crofton was named after an English town in Cumberland County, England, locally known as Croft-town. The town was officially established in the year 1964.

The original Crofton community solely consisted of the Crofton triangle. This triangle is formed by Route 424, Davidsonville Road, on the north, Route 3, Crain Highway, on the west, and Route 450, Defense Highway, on the south. Currently, Crofton’s southwest corner is bordered by the Little Patuxent River. This river separates Anne Arundel County from the county of Prince Georges. The modern border of Crofton in the north is considered to contain Reidel Road and Underwood Road.

One main attraction to the community of Crofton is Crofton Parkway. This 3.5 mile long loop features beautiful scenery and encompasses much of the original Crofton community. All along the Crofton Parkway one can find elementary schools, Crofton Country Club, the Town Hall, annual parades, frequent community events, bikers, and joggers enjoying the scenic loop. Another point of interest in Crofton is Whites Hall. This site is the birthplace of Johns Hopkins. His ancestor, Gerrard Hopkins was the original Hopkins to settle in America after leaving England, in 1660. The Hopkins family lived in Crofton for 270 years, and White Hall is still standing near the intersection of Johns Hopkins Road and Reidel Road. Another great attraction to the town of Crofton is the historic Linthicum Walks. A member of an influential family of Anne Arundel County, Thomas Linthicum III, built this home more than 200 years ago. Thomas was a Welsh immigrant who obtained this real estate in 1699 as a portion of a medium-sized tobacco farm. George Washington stayed at Linthicum Walks several times during his travels between Mount Vernon and Annapolis or Philadelphia. In modern days, the county of Anne Arundel owns the Linthicum Walks, and the Department of Recreation and Parks maintains it.