Annapolis Real Estate Information

Annapolis is most commonly known for being the state capital of Maryland. However, this city is also an incorporated municipality and the county seat to Anne Arundel County. Annapolis is home to a population of over 35,000 residents. The city lies on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, near the mouth of the Severn River. Annapolis is nearly equal distance to the south of Baltimore as it is to the east of Washington DC. As a part of Anne Arundel County, Annapolis falls in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Interestingly, Annapolis was once the temporary capitol for the United States during the years 1783, and 1784.

Annapolis lies in the Atlantic Coastal Plain and has relatively low elevations around sea level. It is located within the humid subtropical climate zone, but experiences more moderate weather due to its presence next to the Chesapeake Bay. This causes the city to have warmer winters and cooler summers than other regions further inland.

One major attraction to the city of Annapolis is the presence of the Maryland State House. Constructed in 1772, the Maryland State House is now the oldest, continuously used legislative house in the United States. The state house also happens to be the largest wooden dome ever built in the US without the use of any nails. Additionally, the state house was the original site for the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, and George Washington’s farewell address to the Continental Congress.

Annapolis also plays home to such important properties as the United States Naval Academy, on the banks of the Severn River. One can also find a thriving, theatrical community in the city of Annapolis. The Colonial Players are located on East Street and are known to put on around 6 shows each year, including a musical rendition of A Christmas Carol. This acting company has been performing in Annapolis for the last 28 years. One can also find the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre putting on shows during the summer months. Other attractions to Annapolis include the Banneker-Douglass Museum, located in Mount Moriah Church. This museum is dedicated education of African American history in the state of Maryland. Admission to the museum is free and they offer many educational programs as well as research facilities. One can also see the historic, Hammond-Harwood House. This property was once owned by Matthias Hammond and has since been restored to offer tours. Also be sure to see the Kunta Kinte- Alex Haley memorial in downtown Annapolis. This memorial marks the arrival spot of Haley’s ancient, African ancestor, Kunta Kinte, whose story is written in the famous book, Roots.