Baltimore Real Estate

The city of Baltimore is located on the coast of the Patapsco River and is the biggest city in Maryland. Many refer to Baltimore as Baltimore City to differentiate it from Baltimore County in the surrounding area. Lord Baltimore, from the Irish House of Lords, founded this city in 1729, and it is now one of the largest seaports on the east coast of the US. Baltimore was at one time the second largest entry port for immigrants into the United States. Baltimore is now considered to be the 20th largest city in the United States with a population of nearly 2.5 million residents in the city and surrounding areas.

Baltimore is considered to be in a humid suprtropical climate zone. The city receives a constant level of precipitation during the entire year, as does most of the east coast. Baltimore experiences moderate temperatures due to its situation south of the Appalachian Mountains, which protect it from harsh northern winds. Also, property in Baltimore City is protected from severe tropical storms by the peninsula of Delaware and Maryland. The city’s location near the Chesapeake Bay makes it creates some beautiful waterfront real estate.

One major attraction to the city of Baltimore is the Harborplace. This tourist magnet features a variety of shopping and entertainment as well as many bar and restaurants. Also to be seen in the city of Baltimore is the beautiful National Aquarium. Additionally, Baltimore City is home to such notable sports teams as the Baltimore Ravens, of the National Football League, and the Baltimore Orioles, representing Major League Baseball.

Baltimore City is home to a long a history. For example, the city is home to the Baltimore Basilica, the oldest catholic cathedral in the US. There is also the Municipal Museum of Baltimore, one of the first ever properties to be specifically designated for a museum. Coming soon, to Baltimore and under construction is the massive building known as 10 Inner Harbor. This recently approved, 50-60 story building will feature a hotel, condominiums, shopping, and several restaurants. While in Baltimore, be sure to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Under the directing of Marin Also, this quality theater company has come to be internationally renowned. One can also find many Broadway performances being played at the marvelous France-Merrick Performing Arts Center.

Navigate through the city using the extensive bus system, or catch a water taxi at the harbor. Baltimore is a historical town and also a thriving modern day seaport. Come for a weeklong vacation, or even just a weekend following your favorite NFL team. The city is waiting.